Else Hecht Jester Hand Puppet Doll ~ 1920-30s Rare!

Gorgeous Lady Jester Else Hecht Hand Puppet.
Rare find! Made in Germany during the 1920-30s.
Very sweet expression with button eyes.
Pressed felt face with delicate painted features.
Felt body with silk pom-poms and felt shoes.
Without E.H. label, usually sewn inside the body.
Approx. 17'' (43 cm) tall from hat to shoe.
Excellent condition. Seems to be unplayed with.
Please note the front side of her body has darkened.
Look carefully since it is hard to capture with the camera.
A well preserved old puppet doll full of character.

~ Else Hecht was born in 1888 in Munich. She was a craftswoman, puppeteer and came from a family of musicians. Her puppets and dolls are rare and highly sought after ~