OWL Hand Puppet by Lotte Sievers-Hahn ~ 60s Rare!

Founded in 1929, Lotte Sievers-Hahn is a family run workshop based in Germany still in production today. Over the years, the company has created a wide collection of wooden toys and figurines, including amazing hand puppets. They are considered educational toys and receive the "spiel gut" (play well) label.

Here's one of their creations: a beautiful OWL hand puppet. Its head is carved from lime wood (basswood) and is beautifully hand painted. Its mysterious expression with grand flapping wings is adorable. Its body is made from felt with some animal fur details. Its ingenious design allows our fingers to fit inside the wings allowing a variety of nice movements. This puppet is not tagged and was likely made during the 60s. Little Owl hand puppet has been gently used and is in good vintage condition, still with nice colors! Animal puppets by Lotte Sievers-Hahn are rare. Don't miss the opportunity to include this Owl Puppet in your vintage collection!

  • Condition: Used and pre-owned vintage puppet. Good condition with nice colors. Without tag. Please determine the condition by yourself, taking a close look at all pictures and asking questions.
  • Origin: Germany
  • Brand: Lotte Sievers-Hahn
  • ID: without tag
  • Year: circa 1960s
  • Size: 11.5in/29cm tall
  • Materials: polychrome wood, felt, animal fur
  • The puppet stand is not included

WARNING: This vintage puppet does not comply with current safety standards and is intended for adult use only.

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Dr. Russel E. Bachert, Jr;.
Review of Once Upon a Puppet

I purchased three of Lotte Sievers-Hahn glove animal puppets. It was an interest I had aquired as a member of the Puppeteers of America. Also I had grown aware of the quality of the Lotte Seivers-Hahn wooden, German made puppets. When I discovered this company, I communicated my interst and found a wonderful person who shared my interest and was willing to help me aquire seveal of their animal. The communication was outstanding and as a result I confidently follow through with my purchase. Prices were reasonable and I immediately trusted the founder because of both the electronic and later, hand written messages. The immediate thinking was that this was a trusted and professional company that exuded thoughtfulness! Thanks for a most enjoyable purchase experience!!