HAZELLE'S Hansel Marionette ~ USA 1962

Marionettes have fascinated audiences of all ages over the centuries. Not surprisingly some toy companies devoted entire lines of string puppets for the family entertainment. Founded by Hazelle Hedges in the 1930s, Hazelle's Marionettes is the most known manufacturer of its kind in the USA. They produced hundreds of different characters over the years and patented the "airplane" cross-bar control, making marionettes for children fun and easy to use.

This adorable Hansel marionette has beautiful movements and an endearing expression. The box label #813 indicates it was produced by Hazelle's workshop in 1962. Its head, hands and shoes are hand-painted and made of Tenite; a type of thermoplastic. It has wool crepe hair and is nicely dressed with various fabrics. It measures 14in (35.5cm) tall and comes with the original illustrated red box. This handsome marionette is fully functional and displays very well. It was gently used (or not used at all) but has a stain in one arm due to age. Little Hansel marionette can't wait to join your vintage toy collection!

  • Condition: Used and pre-owned string puppet with original box. Gently used or not used at all but has a stain in one arm due to age. The box has age related wear but still sturdy. Please determine the condition by yourself, taking a close look at all pictures and asking questions.
  • Origin: Kansas City, USA
  • Brand: Hazelle's Marionettes
  • Year: 1962
  • Size: 14 in/35.5 cm tall
  • Materials: Tenite, fabric, wool, wood

    This vintage puppet does not comply with current safety standards and is intended for adult use only.

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    Robert Moore
    Hazelle's Hansel Marionette

    Hansel is a beautiful marionette in perfect condition with everything working just great and I'm very pleased with him! Even the box is in wonderful condition considering its age!!