Gnome Hand Puppet by Curt Meissner ~ Germany 1960s

Germany is recognized worldwide as home to one of the most creative toy-making industries in Europe. It is not a surprise that puppetry is also very strong and has been part of their vibrant culture for hundreds of years. The brand iKünstlerpuppe (Artistic Dolls) is a great example of this elaborate style of early hand puppets once produced in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). This Gnome hand puppet was created by the artist Curt Meißner between 1947-1960s and is meticulously handcrafted from felt and fabric. His amazing lifelike facial expression is achieved by skillful stitching, embroidery and hand painting. A true labour of love that makes no puppet look alike! His unique appearance and charming costume is quite eye-catching. He will certainly be a welcome addition to any puppet collection.

  • Condition: Used and pre-owned vintage puppet. Overall light wear. Please determine the condition by yourself, taking a close look at all pictures and asking questions.
  • Origin: Dresden, Germany
  • ID: missing paper tag
  • Brand: i-Kunstlerpuppe
  • Year: circa 1960s
  • Size: 13 in/33 cm tall
  • Materials: felt, fabric, bead eyes
  • The puppet stand is not included

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    This vintage puppet does not comply with current safety standards and is intended for adult use only.

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    Gnome Hand Puppet / Curt Meissner

    I am thrilled with my Gnome Hand Puppet. I am an avid puppet collector and I enjoy shopping at Once Upon A Puppet. They always offer a quality puppet at a fair price. Often times they present hard to find antique puppets. When the toys are received they are always as pictured and mailed to the buyer promptly. My experience has always been positive.